HELP ENHANCE LIVES PEACE INITIATIVE INT’L is a non-governmental organization registered with the corporate affairs commission in compliance with the statutory regulation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 13th December, 2019 with Registration number CAC/IT/NO.140791 focusing on Help to enhance lives towards the provision of quality life and peace for sustainable development. The organization scope covers governance, rights issues, environmental, reproductive health, water and sanitation. We always aim at participating in the provision of information, education and mobilization of Nigerians towards active participation and involvement in ensuring availability and access to quality health, life sustainability through empowerment.

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L works to addresses a broad range of human developmental challenges. In collaboration with international and local partners, we combat Hunger, ill-health (HIV/AIDS, Malaria and tuberculosis); expand access to reproductive health; strengthen health care delivery systems; provide health, water & sanitation and protection support to internally displaced communities; and improve access and quality of education for children.

HELP Initiative Int’l will collaborate with all the stake holders to build local capacity for the delivery of sustainable, high-quality, comprehensive OVC programs that will improve the well-being of families as well as their vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support services. In addition to service interventions,

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L will build capacity with local organizations to implement strategic behavioral change communication with the aim of preventing new HIV infections, reducing HIV prevalence among Most-At-Risk-Populations (MARPs) and General Population (GP) to stabilizing HIV prevalence within the target group.

To increase efficiency and improve health outcomes, we help enhance health systems, integrate OVC programs, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, tuberculosis, environmental risk and good governance family.

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L collaborates with national, state, local and other humanitarian Organizations on implementing and scaling up of malaria control interventions as a part of the Malaria Action Programs. 

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L implements infant and young child feeding interventions by addressing malnutrition with medical and supplementary feeding and treatments in collaboration with the Government and other humanitarian partners.

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L will always partner in responding to crisis, providing interventions on gender-based violence protection; including child protection services, to an infant. We also work to help the quality and relevance of education for out of school children, including orphans and vulnerable children.

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L is dedicated to contribute to the eradication of poverty amongst Men, women and youths in and out of school through various income generating projects, vocational training skills, sensitization about HIV/AIDS, STIs and other reproductive health issues, establishing foster homes and talent development programs.

HELP INITIATIVE will be working with International, National, local and other civil society organizations with openness to identify needs for system strengthening and expand existing programs that have proven effective in meeting vulnerable children, youths and needs of women of reproductive age. We also support vulnerable children through sponsorship in education and providing scholastic materials and also advocate for the rights of children and women in the community.

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