What We Do

  • To enhance the wellbeing of persons
  • Support Home Based Care for Children in need
  • Provision of care, educational, health, nutritional or psychosocial support for OVC.
  • Development of educational/social infrastructure especially in communities lacking structures
  • Outreach programs for orphanages, where HELPII partners to provide opportunities for the orphans & person in challenging conditions who live there.
  • Building capacities of caregivers and burden bearers of children in the provision of basic social services
  • Establishing linkages between OVC, individuals and corporate bodies through HELPII’s mentoring program.
  • Referral services for treatment and care for children living with HIV and AIDS , Malaria and tuberculosis and other Contagious Diseases.
  • HIV and AIDS sensitization Programs in communities and schools.

HELP INITIATIVE INT’L is an organization that works through a network of field workers and volunteers to identify and service vulnerable children in Nigeria. This approach has helped in reducing the administrative cost of running and implementing programs implemented by the organization.